7 Reasons Why You Should Work for a Non-Governmental Organization. According to the English dictionary, a non-governmental organization is a largely constituted non-commercial organization created by natural or legal persons with no participation or representation of any government.

They provide services ranging from community service to humanitarian services and they could include charities, empowerment, and health care need, jut anything to see that the society is a better place.

Although working for an NGO comes with problems and challenges like funding, carrying out campaigns, finding volunteers etc but there’s an accomplishment of contributing your quota to the society as a good citizen and that can make you grow.

Here are 7 more reasons why you should work for an NGO.

Increased Societal Impact

Working for a NGO gives you the opportunity of creating impact in the society by taking part in projects meant for the betterment of the society which you may not when working for other organization.

If you’re ardent about helping people, them working for an NGO might just be calling.

Improved Leadership Skills

Working for an NGO will give you privileges of talking to people in the course of rendering help to them and thus building relationships with them.

You’ll be able to listen to the needs of others, encourage, motivate and empower them where necessary & the leader in you will manifest. Doing it over time will improve your leadership skills & open more opportunities for you.

Wider Perspective

Working with an NGO changes the way you perceive things. The things you thought mattered so much to you could matter less. You’ll get to mix with different classes of people & that can change your mentality and make you humble.

Networking Privileges

NGO’s give a larger circle of people to relate with, it connects you to people that can help you in future endeavours. NGOs usually look up to big companies and organizations for funding.

So getting to meet people from these companies & interacting with them can open doors to more opportunities for you.

You can be refereed for something bigger in future.

Improved Skills Needed for Employment

Before you’re employed for a job, they’re certain skills you’ll be required to have. Working fro an NGO will help you realize those skills.

The skills include organizational skills, leadership skills, communication skills, human relation skills etc. organization need these skills to excel so possessing these skills that can be acquired from volunteering in an NGO will give you an upper hand when seeking employment.

A More Professional CV

Your CV shows your capabilities, skills, experiences and even recommendations from well-meaning individuals. Working in an NGO will give you the necessary recommendations needed to make your CV look professional and put you in advantaged position for jobs.


Working for a NGO will give you a sense of fulfilment, you’ll be able to live your best life with thoughts that you’ve achieved something and you’ve impacted the society and the world at large.