The real essence of creativity in leadership in office or anywhere will be critically examine and steps to become a creative leader will also be elaborated.

In leadership, creativity is what gives effect to your leadership. Every leader is expected to come up with something new (ideas), but if a leader lacks creativity, nothing new happens, you can’t call yourself a leader without proper self-understanding, i.e. what you like, what makes you angry, with which gender you love to work. That problem will justify becoming a leader if you are really worth it.

Essence of Creativity in Leadership

Essence of Creativity in Leadership

Creativity is either innovating the idea or inventing a fresh idea to do things different from popular ones. Creativity also yields success. Any leader who lacked creativity will begin to exhibit high level of creativity at the end of this article.

Before going further I would like to define a few basic terms for a proper understanding of the subject:

Leader: A leader is someone who guides or directs according to U.S English Dictionary. Person who has special jurisdiction. So many leaders fail to understand their primary role of guiding or giving instructions, instead they believe they should be the one to do it, this does not give your team members the luxury of demonstrating what they also have.

Leadership: Somebody’s capacity to direct others. You must be powered as a chief but don’t always feel that about you. Learn to give opportunity to others.

Creativity: The ability to use imagination to produce a society-friendly idea or product. This is why I said earlier, “We expect every leader to come up with something new (ideas).”

Now you got this understanding let’s get to the day’s business.

How to be Creative in Leadership

Any leader who must be imaginative must have an understanding of the emotions. In leadership emotional intelligence consists of 5 things:

  • As a leader, the first thing is to understand yourself
  • A leader must enforce self-regulation
  • Motivation: You’re excited about what you’re doing and what’s driving you.
  • Empathy: consider your people, learn to hear from the other party at all times and not just conclude by yourself.
  • Social skills: The ability to communicate with others

Three (3) Basic Areas which Creativity can be Exhibited in Leadership

  1. Leadership Suggestions
  2. How you Relate as a Leader
  3. Leadership Communication

Leadership Suggestion

What makes your leadership impactful is your capacity to introduce new ideas. As a leader you’re trying to do things beyond what’s known, try something else, don’t be limited or comfortable with your leadership level, it’s your hunger to break record that will bring forth great ideas. I can say body show me a wonderful guy and I’ll give you great ideas. Creativity gives rise to ideas, and creativity brings forth ideas.

How you Relate as a Leader

You must recognize that you are a leader in serving others, not seeing yourself as all in all, or thinking like any other person is no one you can speak to or treat them with no respect whatsoever. Also seek to connect with your subordinate as a creative leader, be humorous and let them understand how important each person is to the business or organization. Your ability to efficiently communicate shows just how imaginative you are.

Leadership Communication

Effective communication must be in place in every aspect of life that involves people to properly understand and advance or achieve goals. A leader that is unable to connect with his / her staff will end up having issues, for example, the secretary was supposed to deliver a financial report at a very important meeting, but he / she happens to be late, of course every leader will be angry, but when there is imagination you can contain the frustration and try to know the reason for her late arrival, so you sent her the win message.

Each leader is required to be very ethical. You must have plenty of time as a leader, look at the situation of things, think a way forward and also see things from the way they feel, don’t forget “it’s your drive to smash records that will bring great ideas out.

Any leadership without creativity is like an oil-free engine because it’s creativity that keeps the leadership going and makes people and society feel the impact at large. Do not cause the leadership to suffer from stagnation, think creatively, act creatively, and execute creative plans / ideas.