Welcome to Recruitment Angle, on this page you will learn and understand how effective communication boost company’s growth.

Language Difficulty 

Some language students infer that the Anglo-Saxon progenitors of language assumed that men were the norm for the human race and women made-up a subcategory.

Hence, when the language referred to people in general, it used masculine terms, when it referred to women in particular, it used feminine terms.

We encounter gender problems most often when we are dealing with personal pronouns. For those who put away their English textbooks a long time ago, let me explain what I mean.

In every company it is very necessary to communicate effectively as that influences so many activities of the company.

As an employer or employee the ability to communicate effectively should be well understood as failure to oblige may cost the company a whole lot.

How Effective Communication Boost Company’s Growth  

Overtime research has shown that the poor communication in any organization, company, school or anywhere leads to the misinterpretation of certain actions.

For instance, a worker goes out for launch and probably did not inform his/her colleague and just five (5) minutes later, the boss arrives and is in need of the worker.

Asking others available, no one knows the whereabouts of the other person. Now what do you think will be the reaction of the boss.

Definitely, cases like this may lead to query or sack and the person may end up losing his/her job because of negligence.

Feeling much time won’t be spent and felt it is not important to inform others. This is the power of effective communication in a company.

Second instance may be to the boss or employer, there is a customer expected coming with a business proposal worth 50 million and here comes another urgent call which drives the boss outside.

Just when the boss steps out, the 50million naira worth customer arrives and funny enough the boss never said anything about the person and now the customer is not welcome or treated as suppose.

Here the company’s supposed growth of N50 million naira is missed, that’s how effective communication can either boost or decrease the company’s growth.