How to influence your employer’s decision is possible, read through this article to know the possible ways which you can affect your bosses decision.

Employers are as human as the rest of the employees and are also likely to make mistakes, as well as uncomfortable, bad maybe even terrible decisions.

Your boss maybe about to make an uncomfortable or wrong decisions and may never be a tough head. Influencing his decision is very possible.

Here are some steps to influence your employer’s decision.

Do your Research on the Matter

If you didn’t already do this, you really need to, you should have already done your personal research and should be able to gather enough facts, though facts to show that his / her decision ain’t the right one or the best one.

Present your Facts with Confidence

When presenting facts gathered from the research be respectful, loyal and never try to prove him so wrong.

Confidence mixed with respect should provide the perfect dosage of a good impression on your employer so he/she doesn’t dismiss your presentation therefore you even speak.

A good dressing and a nice perfume would also help imperial an impression of confidence and also ease the tension. Don’t also forgot to smile occasionally.

An undisputable fact presented well should be able to change the mind of almost anyone. Also show some proof as people are mostly involved by what they see and hear.

Find a Relatable Base

Find a relatable base and spring your point from there, to further explain this further, let’s say you have a religious boss. Relating your facts to religion could also have an effort on his decision as this is related to what he believes.

Also on the other hand see things to avoid as an employer.

Things to Avoid as an Employer

Being an employer can be a very big responsibility. A lot of things you should and shouldn’t do, you could have been more rules than the employees themselves.

There’s a lot you should do as an employer and also try to distance yourself as much as you can from the following things.


Being an employer may create a division of grandeur and you could forget the reason why you’re there in the first place.

Having someone or people work for you could make you feel proud and arrogant which is never good for business. You should learn to work with your employees interest of having them look for you.

You will bring about a better relationship with employee and employer and the business is sure to move forward.

An Employer Should Lead by Example

As an employer you’re also a leader. You’re the face of the company and whatever you do could also reflect on your employees.

You should be able to lead by example on all sense, from appearance to your swagger, the way you comport yourself, even speak should be one worthy of emulation. You have to “walk the talk”.

Gossip and Side Talks about Business Affairs

This is a very bad habit and should be overly avoided. What happens on the business should remain on the business.

Every business has bad times, its secret and it is very unsafe to discuss that with outsiders as of could spread rumours and even bring a bad reputation to the business.

Other things to avoid as an employer is gloominess; especially with employees and customers, cheating & dishonesty.

A dishonest business almost always falls, mixing family with business, harassments on employees and customers; social, verbal harassment as well as insults on staff and customers should be well avoided.

Ravenous spending should be also avoided. These are something’s you should avoid as an employer, apply these and your business should bloom.