How to Succeed at Job Interviews. During job hunting, applying for a job and submitting your CV isn’t an assurance that you’ve bagged the job, you have to be ready to meet with the company’s panel & you wouldn’t want to mess up at that stage, as such you must be adequately prepared.

A job interview according to the English dictionary is a formal conversation in which a job applicant must answer questions to determine whether they are suitable for the job applied for.

Companies do not rely on CV’s alone because people lie in their CV’s, hence, the need to conduct interviews to test the proposed employee.

To prepare for the job interview, you first of all need to research about the company, the position you’re applying for etc, carry out a review on yourself & your dressing to know the type of interview so you’ll be prepared for anyone.

Types of Interviews

One-on-One Interview

In this type of interview, you’ll have any one representative for the company to face and you’ll be asked less formal questions like what you can offer to the company.

Telephone Interview

This can take you unawares, it is usually done over the phone to save cost and stress of having t meet with a lot of people. You should be expected to speak frequently.

Panel Interview

A grip f 3-5 persons from the company meet to ask questions and your ability to answer is judged by their opinions. It can be very frightening but you should try as much as possible to maintain your composure as you’ll be judged on that basis too.

Behavioural Interview

This type of interview is usually based on past experience, what you did when faced with certain challenges related to the job.

How to Make a Great First Impression During Interview

First impression matter in an interview, these tips can help;

Arrive on Time: Going late for interview already shows your lackadaisical attitude and that can turn them off. Be there 10-20 minutes before the interview. This does not just show you can be reliable but also creates an impression in the minds of people.

It shows your ability to handle and deliver tasks on time, you wouldn’t want to look jobless will gain you respect whereas an indecent dressing will tarnish your image. Do not show off too much skin, you’re going to work not to seduce.

Be Interested

No matter what you’re being asked, you have to show interest. Carry them along and engage them. Even if you don’t like the questions, show interest by listening.

Your body language should show interest too.

Be Confident

Be confident in yourself. Clear every doubt in your mind and approach them with a smile, make eye contact while answering questions and be polite to everyone. Make your point and views known without arrogance.

Research on the Company

This will help you answer questions when they’re thrown to you and even ask questions for further clarification.

Make your Skill Known

Even though your skills may be on your CV, you have to remind your interviews of your competence and what you can offer them.

Don’t lie about things you can’t do but show sincerity in your words so you won’t end up having issues if you’re employed for a job, you cannot handle.

Don’t Make Repelling Statements about your Previous Job/Employer

No matter how bad your previous job was and you hated it, do not make statements that will bring them down. Your interviews will have the feeling you can do the same thing to the company.

Do not Ask about the Salary

Except you’re asked, do not ask about the salary. It shows you’re desperate to get the money and have nothing to offer.

Follow Up

After few days of the interview, follow up.