In this article you will learn how to break the bond of low self-esteem because so many today has so found themselves unworthy to do anything and this is a great limitation to their exploration in life.

Lack of confidence, looking down on oneself “not feeling among: in a certain category of people are all characteristics of a person with low self-esteem.

This could influence a person’s character and attitude, people with low self-esteem usually feel nobody likes/loves them, nobody cares, they don’t exist 2 others & they tend to be more reserved, conservative, shy and unable to speak up, socially awkward.

They also lockdown on themselves maybe because of physical appearance, status, life achievements, level of education etc and these could make them friable because people could use that to taunt them.

Fortunately, there are ways to break this bond of low self-esteem. The following steps will help you break the bond of low self-esteem.

How to Break the Bond of Low Self-Esteem

If you actually find yourself in this situation then worry more because through the guidelines below, you will easily overcome it.

Say Positive Things About Yourself

This is one duty you owe yourself everyday. No matter what others may say or think about you, you can change the narrative by saying things like “I’m smart, I’m intelligent, I’m beautiful, I can I make it.

There’s power in the spoken word, so star proclaiming positive words.

Stop Comparison

The moment you see people doing better than you and you feel you haven’t achieved anything, that’s the moment you lose everything.

Stop comparing yourself to others but believe in yourself. Remember nobody is perfect and you’re unique in your own way.

You don’t have to follow the footsteps of others but rather set goals for yourself & work on them. Be persistent no matter the outcome, show focus and dedication to your goals, grab opportunities that come by and leave the rest to time.

Invest in Yourself

Work on your physical appearance. Eat healthy, exercise to keep fit, wear fitting clothes that boost your confidence, spend on yourself, you deserve a trace once in a while.

If you currently don’t have any trade or skill, learn one, be consistent in it and definitely greater will show forth.

Let Go Your Baggage

Your baggage could be past mistakes, sceneries that make you look down on yourself etc. Letting go of them could open doors to more achievements.

This also means to forgive yourself irrespective of the wrong you did, move on by learning the lessons and then aim higher.

Also like they do say I get am before no be property, don’t hold unto past glory still move on and pray for greater height and definitely you will attend them.

Face your Fears

Try doing things out of the ordinary, challenge yourself, get out of your comfort zone, do the impossible and you’ll be surprised on how confident you could become.

Don’t do What People Say

Resist pressures and say no when you ought to. Stop taking the blame for things you didn’t do, speak up for yourself and don’t go back on your principles. You will be more respected.

Work on Your Temperament

It’s normal to get angry when people say negative things about you but try and remain calm. The best answer for a fool remains silence, always have that at the back of your mind.

Surprise them by smiling and walking away confidently, they’ll have a rethink and begin to see you in another dimension and you’ll gain their respect.

Engage in Something Meaningful & Worthwhile

You could volunteer at an organization that will help boost your confidence. Meet new people, listen and learn from them. You will realize everyone didn’t start great; their stories could be a motivation to you.

Take part in activities that can boost your confidence.

Seek Therapy

After the steps above and you feel like it’s not enough, you could seek professional help. You can alternatively drop a question below tackling areas we’ve not touched.