5 Tips to Managing Work Stress in Nigeria. Stress from work is a common phenomenon associated with jobs in Nigeria usually caused by the nature of the job.

Most people dread their jobs but they still have to sleep out of their beds as early as possible & crawl back in very later into the night just to be able to provide their basic needs and worst of it all, the work pay doesn’t even equal the efforts & energy expended into the job.

Job stress could be caused by lack of passion for the job because if it’s a job you’re excite about, you won’t be stressed doing it.

Stress could also be caused by pressure to complete tasks that one is not so skilled in lack of passion and so he/she can’t manage it.

5 Tips to Managing Work Stress in Nigeria

It is worthy to note that stress can lead to depression which causes health issues & can eventually lead to death while working, your health condition is very paramount.

This article will outline 6 tips that can help you manage work stress effectively.

Have a Work Schedule for the Day

Before the day commences, have a schedule you can follow, planning your day will give you time to include breaks & launch time outs and you’ll know how to handle tasks accordingly rather than yet handling tasks as they come till you’re drained out.

This will exhaust you, make you less productive and you may not even achieve anything. Having a schedule will direct you on what to do to relieve stress.

Have a Priority List

Let your most important tasks be handled first, starting with least important tasks will make you rush over the most important ones & that can stress you out. Having a scale of preference for tasks will help you overcome stress.

Focus & Eliminate Disturbance

Procrastination &shifting jobs will make you feel like you have enough time for the job but when you realize you don’t, you’ll want to rush over the work you’ve piled up for yourself ad that can get you stressed.

Also, disturbances while working can make you lose concentration and you’ll barely be able to achieve anything. Try to focus on your work & avoid unnecessary activities. Know your productive hours and use them wisely & also allocate time for breaks that can build you up when you’re exhausted.

Delegate Duties

Trying to do everything on your own will get you stressed out because you’ll have a truck load on your desk staring you in the face. Delegating duties will give you more energy to do more & those you’ve assigned duties to will also have enough energy to put in their best for the progress of the job.

You’ll realize that you can do more than what you would have done on your own when you delegate duties & activities to others and of course, your work will progress.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need it.

Avoid Unnecessary Reactions & Concentrate on Positive Actions

It is normal for us to be angry or react in some kind of way when faced with challenges we cannot handle, but your actions at such points can stress you out.

When faced with such a challenge, take a breath & calm down, identify the challenge you’re facing, find areas of the challenge you can fix & work on it, also find areas that are freaking you out & crack them bit by bit, if necessary, ask for help from others & you’ll be ding yourself a bit favour because you would have succeeded in eliminating the stress.


In conclusion, while stress cannot be totally eliminated in Nigeria because of activities that take place, you can manage & reduce it to the barest minimum. If the tips above doesn’t help, then you might have think of a change of career or job.