Outstanding Difference between a Job and Career. Never conflict these two meanings, after reading this article you will have a better understanding of the two.

A job is an economic role for which a person is paid whereas a career is one’s calling in life, a person’s occupation or profession.

The two words are often times used interchangeable but they don’t mean the same thing. Although both are aimed at making money but the differences are enormous.

Outstanding Difference between a Job and Career

Differences between a Job and Career

Below are the major difference between a job and career.

Level of Experience

A career gives you lots of experience from different jobs & makes you better equipped for other opportunities. A job on the other hand just lets you keep doing the same thing over & over again.

Self Fulfillment

A career lets you have this feeling of fulfillment because you’ll be doing what you’re passionate about whereas for a job, you have to do as you’re told to avoid being laid off.


Unlike a job, a career is usually long term. It could be for a person’s entire life & is always based passion.

Professional Growth

A career gives you the opportunity to grow professionally. It presents you with opportunities to learn new things & have more experience, from different jobs.

For instance you’re a lawyer, that’s your career, you’ll have the privileged of meeting people from different areas, handling their cases & this open doors for more experience needed to sustain your career.

A job on the other hand is a temporary task which you can switch at any point you feel necessary. At times they’re done for the finances & there are limited opportunities if you have a job as a receptionist or as s secretary of an organization.

You will only get to receive people coming into the organization or write organization minutes only respectively which could be very boring.

If you find better opportunities elsewhere, you can always quit & your next job might not even be related.

Self Esteem

Having a career gives you increased self esteem. People will lookup to you and even see you as their role model but having a job is just like a contract.

It expires & you may not even be known.

A career usually requires a certain level of education where as a job may not because you may not even be doing what you know. It might be something entirely new to you but you’ll learn as you continue.

Having a career makes you more successful &more productive than having a job. You’ll be an employer of labour & that will give you more respect among people.