How to write professional HR resumes indeed has really deprive so many of the opportunity to gain employment. Irrespective of the number of other CV whether HR or not you’ve reviewed, writing your own CV in a professional way will always seem like a challenge.

On this page, you will get to know the best combination for a professional HR resumes. Whether you have an existing resume or not just follow the guidelines on this page.

One of the greatest thing employer look out, is what makes a particular candidates most worthy or distinctive from other applicants.

This on the other hand points a whole lot of responsibility to you, how do I may my career objective and entire CV worthy of merit and outstanding from others.

To achieve this, you need to consider these 3 major questions; reasons people will remember you? Why would people employ you? What new value do you have to add to a new employer?

Your ability to answer these questions, should be the basis to the writing of your entire curriculum vitae and ensure you write it accordingly.

How to Write a Profession HR Resumes

Currently, there are no specific format to write a professional Human Resource resume but the steps below will properly guide you deliver a professional CV.

Start with an Eye-Catching Headline

By starting with an eye-catching headline, what I actually mean here is that you have to begin your resume with contact information which includes; Name, Email Address, Phone, Social Media Profile e.g. LinkedIn and it should be positioned at the top of the front page.

This is the updated way of starting resume which have replaced the outdated format “Professional Profile”.

Highlight Details about Previous Workplace

Giving brief about your previous workplace will prove some level of sincerity and quench any kind of fear which might have initiated within your employer.

It is advisable you highlight brief information about your ex-office or employer as this helps the reader put everything into context and this makes your experience and accomplishments more impressive and real.

Mind you, ensure you avoid negative statements or reputation of your ex-employer even irrespective of how mild it may seem.

Accentuate Achievements

This is where it all lies, at this point you are trying to make the reader see enough reasons to employ you, see the potentials you’ve got and also the great value you’re bringing.

Even when your knowledge and proficiency are necessary, employers or hirers wants to know more some of which includes What you have done, ways you contributed to the overall company’s objectives and goals, how you made a different, how you strengthened the HR organization, things you did to improve the company generally.   

In most cases, HR does not seem it necessary to magnify achievements believing that HR is not sales, nope that’s not alright.

It is advisable to dig deep to find results wherever possible, frequently enquire of yourself, different achievements and how to achieve them.

Use HR Terms

Register, can never be excluded in anything. Every field has its own professional terms. To prove to reader or employer that you will know and understand the job, use some HR terms or keywords where necessary.

Write Constricted, Spotless and Lean

Ensure all of these are in a summary form, short, clean and straight to the point. Remember resumes are really not supposed to be lengthen to avoid lack of reader’s interest.


These are such possible preventive measures and ways which you can write a professional HR resumes, kindly keep to the steps given.

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