The aim of this article is strictly on tips for healthy living and the guidelines provided if followed will definitely yield fruit.

According to the World Health Organization, WHO (1948), health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Heard of the saying health is wealth? Yeah, it’s true. The key to living a longer life is being in good health. You’re physical, spiritual, mental and financial health must be balanced for one to say that you’re in perfect health and they’re all inter-related.

One with spiritual and financial stability will always have peace of mind and will be able to take care of his or her physical needs and emotions (mental health).

The tips below will help maintain healthy living.

Maintain Good Personal Hygiene

Cleanliness is next to godliness, maintaining good personal hygiene goes a long way to help and healthy living.

It involves taking regular baths, doing laundry, manicure, haircuts/braids, using body spray and smelling nice and don’t leave your environment.

Your immediate surrounding must be clean to avoid coming in contact with germs that may cause illness. Personal hygiene also involves regular exercise which helps to reduce the level of fat accumulation in the body and keeps one fit and flexible.

Well Balanced Nutrition

It’s not all about eating, but eat the right way. Avoid excessively food and food high in cholesterol; it reduces the heart’s ability to pump blood.

Your diet should consist mainly of proteins, especially for the adults since their tissues do not build up but rather needs repair.

Food like fish, egg, lean meat and other protein diets are recommended for them. For children, since they are still in the growth stage, they’re free to take carbohydrate.

Avoid excessive sugar intake.

Shun Bad Habits

Excessive alcohol intake, smoking, drug abuse can damage your system. They are associated with illness like liver failure, liver cirrhosis, cancer, kidney failure etc.

So they should be avoided.

Regular Check Ups

It is always best to know your status from time to time so that if any illness or disorder is discovered, it can be tackled early rather than wait till it gets out of hand.

Smile Always

Research shows that those who frown always tend to grow old faster. So smile despite challenges you face. Take things easy and be positive, debunk negativity.

Avoid people that cause you unnecessary headache, control your anger when necessary.

Avoid Stress

Do not work yourself out. When tired, take rests; you can take walks, travel, go shopping, hang out with friends, watch comedies, just anything to keep you sane and relaxed.

Regular Sleep

You should get at least four (4) to eight (8) hours of sleep every day. It helps to keep your mental health regulated.

Feed your Mind

Read books and other useful materials, it refreshes the mind.